Hi! I'm Kelly, a multimedia specialist.

I'm a great listener, a planner enthusiast, and I love perusing the world of print and digital media.

I’m an expert in creating clean, quality content.

My degree is in Broadcast, Print and Online Media and a minor in Spanish,

so I’m passionate about what I do, and I want to help you!

With more than 8 years of print and digital experience, I wear many hats so you can focus on your job.
I create efficient workflows and manage projects to save you time.

Outside of work, you'll find me watching The Office (again), walking a nature trail, 
or interviewing people for my blog, Twentysomething Vision.

I provide quick turnaround times with error-free work, so you’ll never worry about missing a deadline again.

Whether you need better content under tight deadlines, concise, typo-free verbiage,
more social engagement, or beautiful photos to represent your company,
we'll work together to come up with a marketing strategy that fits your needs.

Tell me what you're looking for and we'll find something that works - together!


"The medium is the message."
~ Marshall McLuhan